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1. What are the core policies of the business you would like your customers to abide by?

2.State clearly what you would consider as a violation of these policies.

3.How can your customers place their orders?

4.State clearly the modes of communication with your customers.

  i. Online platforms

  ii. Offline means

5. Are the terms and conditions of your business fixed?

6.  On what conditions will you amend the given terms of use?


1. If your customers are dissatisfied with their order, how will you compensate for it?
i. Monetary compensation
ii. Complementary items
iii. Replacement with a new piece
2. Does your business offer a refund?
3. State clear conditions which will qualify your customers to request a refund.
i) Within what frame of time should the customers request a refund?
ii) What will nullify the request for a refund?
• Prior approval/ Feedback on the product
• Late request for the refund
1. How to request a refund?
2. How can customers claim their refund?
i) Mention contact details


1. What kind of personal information of your clients will your business collect?
2. Why does your business request the personal information of its customers?
3. How will the personal information of your customers be put to use?
4. Does your business share the information of its customers with a third party?
i. Who else can access the personal information of your customers?
ii. Why does your company find the need for third-party sharing?
5. How do you protect the personal information of your clients?
6. Does your business use cookies?
7. Why does your business use cookies?


1. What is the estimated time of your delivery?
2. How does the delivery time vary across cities?
3. What constitutes the changes made to the delivery time?
4. What is the estimated amount for delivery?
5. How do the delivery charges vary across cities?
6. What constitutes the changes made to delivery charges?